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Alumni Panels for SBSM

These panels took place during our last launch of SBSM earlier this September. The stories shared by our panelists reference ‘moving big mountains’ and how much can indeed change, when we go forth with titration and commitment to this work. 

Have a listen to these shares and stories:

2 Guest SBSM Panel (Amanda and Isabelle)

9 Guest SBSM Panel (Katie, Darla, Holly, Raven, Selden, Donnie, John, Janet and Jennifer)

‘Can you move a mountain?’ – video clip from Agents of Shield

Watch this 2 minute video clip for a great reference to building capacity in order to move the mountain.

Jill Bolte

Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED Talk – My stroke of insight


Kathy Kain

Interview with Kathy Kain – Her origin story, a new book & early trauma


Peter Levine

Peter Levine YouTube Video – Dr. Peter Levine Discusses His First Trauma Patient


Steven Terrell

Interview with Steven Terrell – How to help anxious kids who are behaving “badly”